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All of us started doing our makeup in different ways. Perhaps we even struggled with the most common makeup item – our foundation. Over time, however, we are trying to get better and improve our beauty skills, so that is what we are doing in this video. I am showing you some unique ways to apply your make up as well as some natural tips to improve your beauty routine.

Of course, a flawless makeup look doesn’t only require a good makeup skill, but also a consistent skincare routine. You don’t need to go out of your way and spend a ton of money buying your own face masks, facial oils or sheet masks, because I show you how o create your own using items in your own home.

Since we are on the topic of DIY projects and making your own items. I show you how to repurpose old things in your house and turn them into amazing decorations. For example, you can create your own plant pot, or repurpose old paper into something new and useful.

It’s always good to have some good lifehacks in your sleeve, whether you need them to cook a nice dinner by coming up with your own recipe. Or, when you go to a party and you need some fashionable ideas to style your clothes.

0:07 – Unusual ways of cooking
1:47 – How to make toffee popcorn
2:39 – How to make traditional Italian spaghetti
3:42 – How to make cakes on your grill
4:04 – Amazing ideas for your grill
5:06 – How to make juicy patties
6:12 – How to make parmesan cheese out of eggs
7:30 – How to make deviled eggs
​10:07 – Bell peppered fried eggs
11:38 – Egg and mayo sandwich recipe
13:39 – Amazing way to slice tomatoes
14:05 – How to make oreo ice-cream
16:10 – Watermelon chicken recipe​
16:58 – Coca-cola cooking hacks
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