6 Riddles Only 2% Extraordinary Thinkers Can Solve


When we find ourselves in unexpected situations, it’s hard to know what to do right off the bat. Do you think you can get yourself out of any challenge possible, no matter how strange it might be? If so, you must have better logic and critical thinking than 98 % of people.
A guy named Charles is quite an extraordinary individual. He’s overcome tons of obstacles and pulled through a lot of difficult situations throughout his life. Let’s see if you have the same sharp wits as our friend Charlie here.


Riddle #1: The flawed equation 0:42
Riddle #2: Escape from the well 1:39
Riddle #3: The prank 2:59
Riddle #4: Bad romance 4:17
Riddle #5: A revolutionary cure 6:07
Riddle #6: Mysterious murder 8:12

-Correct the flawed equation without changing the numbers or their position in the equation.
-Do some math and figure out how many days it took Charles to climb out of the well.
-Guess how Charles managed to get the ping pong ball out of the pipe.
-Figure out how Irene managed to poison her husband when she ate the same exact apple and didn’t take any sort of antidote beforehand.
-Use your logic to find out which of the coworkers tried to kill Charles.
-Help the police to name and arrest the right person who killed Charles.

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