6 Riddles Invented for Born Problem Solvers


How to Increase Your IQ. You don’t have to spend tons of time doing research to increase your IQ level and get smarter – it has long been proven that cracking hard riddles boosts your brain and logic the same way. Solving riddles and puzzles will help you develop analytical thinking and creativity. So get ready for a mental workout!


3 rooms 0:42
Fire in the forest 1:45
Shot and survived 2:58
Reading in darkness 4:04
Man in black 4:56
Trapped inside a building 5:51

-How will you escape, given that the middle room only has a window fitted with iron grills, the room on the left has 2 assassins who are ready to kill you the moment you enter their room and the room on the right is fitted with solar-powered UV laser guns that kill on sight.
-Figure out what Michael’s escape plan is out of the forest with raging fire.
-Can you guess how Robert managed to shoot a bullet between his eyes and still survive?
-With no light in the room, how could Maria keep reading?
-With no street lights and the headlamps switched off, how did the driver of the car see the man?
-Which door should Donald choose to survive and why?

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