5G Will Soon Change Your Life for the Better


Imagine downloading movies to your phone in a matter of seconds. This is no sci-fi — it’s actually part of the very near future. 5G is going to change the way we use wireless tech and probably our whole lives. For example, 5G is going to revolutionize one of the most important spheres of our life: medicine. It will make it possible for surgeons to operate on patients from almost anywhere in the world!

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What is 5G exactly? 0:24

8 GB movie in HD quality in six seconds 1:09

What about latency? 1:43

Robots in surgery 4:15

How about moving a house with the flick of your finger? 4:57

So, when will we get it? 6:20

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– It all started with 1G — the first ever cellular network. If you remember cell phones with antennas, well, they used 1G. The biggest break came with the arrival of 3G, when we started browsing the Internet freely on our smartphones.
– The peak download speed is going to be about 10 Gbps — that’s ten times the top downstream speed of 4G. And while, in reality, such speeds aren’t likely to be achieved, 5G is still going to be significantly faster.
– Another one is something called latency. Latency is the amount of time it takes to send data from one device to another.
– With 5G the latency rate will be reduced to a mere 1 millisecond, or, simply put, one thousandth of a second.
– With a 1 millisecond base latency and 10 times the speed of data exchange, it will allow lots of devices to be connected in a single network without any delay in reaction.
– 5G will make it possible for surgeons to operate on patients from almost anywhere in the world! This will save both time and money spent on travels for specialists and patients alike.
– And that’s another problem that 5G is going to solve. With its almost zero latency and high data speeds, it will allow the connection of as many IoT devices as you want.
– Many regions of the world don’t even have a chance to enjoy the convenience of 4G yet. But even the most developed countries, like the US, Japan, and South Korea agree that the new generation of mobile networks won’t be widely spread until several years from now.

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