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Delicious recipes that will turn you into a chef

Hey guys, all of us love food a little too much. So, in this video, I bring to you some new and delicious food recipes that will blow your mind and you’d want to try right away.
– Do you know what tastes even better than french fries? Giant french fries. In the first video section, I show you how to create huge foods using brand new recipes that demonstrate. I show you how to create a giant burger from scratch – including the bun and the burger patty itself.
– I also show you how you can use regular oreos in order to create your own giant oreo.
– For those of you struggling a bit to find your way around in the kitchen, I show you some easy ways to cut veggies in the kitchen as well as some DIY kitchen gadgets that are true life-savers
– For the noodle lovers out there, I show you how many gourmet dishes you can create using noodles, that will completely take you by surprise.

0:07 – Unbelievable food for giants
2:05 – How to create a giant oreo
3:20 – How to create your own chips
4:24 – Huge chicken nuggets recipe
5:34 – Kitchen tricks for quick-witted people
6:38 – How to make oreo ice-cream
9:49 – Delicious noodle ideas
11:54 – How to make vegan nuggets
13:14 – How to make a noodle pizza
14:14 – Amazing coca-cola ideas
16:36 – Easy, healthy vegan birthday cake
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