50 Short Facts to Surprise the Most Knowledgeable Person


Few people know that in 2009, Steven Hawking organized a party for time-travelers. But he didn’t announce the event in advance to make sure that each person who arrives at the party is really from the future. Unfortunately, no time travelers turned up.

So what’s the point? Ever have an embarrassing moment when you’re alone in the room with another person, and there’s that awkward silence between you? Well, you don’t have to worry about experiencing anything like that anymore! Because now, you can use a lot of cool facts like that as an icebreaker!

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Weird Facebook experiment 0:19
What this punctuation mark ⸮ mean 0:51
Queen Elizabeth at the set of Game of Thrones 1:11
Never violate a writ of Habeas Colas 1:44
Mysterious Pacific sleeper sharks 2:17
Party for time-travelers 2:50
Why the inhabitants of Fukushima grow sunflowers 3:13
Why bananas are curved 3:26
Never cut down a Saguaro cactus in Arizona 4:20
Squids and octopuses have beaks 5:08
The first motel in the world 5:26
The richest goldfield ever discovered 6:04
How loud a lion roar is 7:00
Which planets don’t have any moons 7:32
Why pirates wore earrings 7:47
What the first alarm clock was like 8:09
It’s illegal to own just one guinea pig in Switzerland 9:08
Can animals be left- or right-handed? 9:29
The highest mountain in the Solar System 9:49
When kangaroos can’t hop 10:30
What tsundoku is 10:44
Snakes can help people predict earthquakes 11:05
The day when there was no news 11:32
The most mathematical flag in the world 11:47

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– Coffee taster Gennaro Pelliccia works for Costa Coffee and has his tongue insured for 13 million bucks.
– Back when dinos were roaming our planet, volcanoes were still erupting on the Moon. Not sure of the connection here but, hey try it!
– According to the 2010 census, Monowi, a small town in Nebraska, has a population of one.
– The Canadians are so polite, and say “sorry” so often, that the country has passed a law stating that an apology can’t be considered as an admission of guilt in court.
– Crocodiles are unlucky animals which can’t stick their tongues out because they’re attached to the roofs of their mouths.
– If you heat a magnet up to 176 degrees F, it’ll lose its magnetism. Well, that’s not very attractive.
– In 2016, a huge swarm of 20,000 bees was following a woman’s car for two days in a row because their queen was trapped inside.
– More than 75% of the world’s food is made from only 5 animal species and 12 plants.
– While hunting, stoats (which are weasel -like mammals) jump, spin, twist, and perform crazy tricks to attract rabbits’ attention.
– When movie trailers first appeared, they were shown after the movies finished. That’s actually the reason why they were called “trailers”!
– The average man gets bored after 26 minutes of shopping, while the average woman can spend 2 hours on the same activity until she feels like giving up.
– The Milky Way galaxy, which is our home galaxy, is 105,700 light-years wide.
– Although very small and fragile, ladybugs emit a unique smell we humans are super-sensitive to.
– The mountains on Venus are covered with a snow-like metal similar to frost.
– The Sun weighs approximately 330,000 times more than Earth. Plus, it’s so huge that you could fit our planet inside it 1,300,000 times!
– In Silicon Valley, there’s a statue of Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American engineer and inventor. This statue radiates free Wi-Fi as homage to Tesla’s vision of wireless communication.
– Tic Tacs got their name because of the sound they made while being tossed around in their plastic container.
– Your brain fibers lose almost 10% of their total length every 10 years.

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