5 Reasons Why Hugging Can Hurt Certain People


It’s considered that not only does hugging feel good, it also has many positive effects on our mind and body. This phenomenon has long been studied and proven by scientists. But while most humans are totally cool with dishing out hugs all day, many people feel very uncomfortable doing it. Actually, they hate touching other people in general.

So, what makes a person not want to be touched? And how can you spot this kind of person so that you don’t scare them away with a warm embrace? Believe it or not, the reasons may be more deeply rooted than you think.

It’s all about the way they were raised 1:42
Social anxiety 2:51
An underdeveloped nerve 3:39
Self-esteem issues 4:26
Cultural differences 4:53
How to spot such people 5:55

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– One theory of why people don’t like touching and hugging is simply due to the fact that it didn’t happen a lot in their home as they were growing up.
– There’s also the issue of childhood trauma. While hugging may seem like an innocent gesture, it can trigger a dramatic response and cause great harm to a person who suffered childhood trauma.
– The vagus nerve is a bundle of nerves that can be found between the spinal cord and abdomen. If this nerve is underdeveloped, a person’s ability to become compassionate or intimate can be altered.
– People who lack confidence can have a hard time when it comes to touching and hugging. A lack of self-esteem can also be a root cause of social anxiety and other phobias.
– People in different cultures feel differently about getting intimate. Check this out: People in the US and England tend to hug and be more touchy than many people in Puerto Rico and France.
– A person immediately puts out their hand, suggesting a handshake instead of a hug. This is a great way to avoid a hug, and it’s still very polite and acceptable at social gatherings.
– If somebody grimaces as you go in for a hug, this is a pretty clear sign that the person is uncomfortable. If a person has an awkward look on their face upon greeting you, it’s probably best not to invade their space by giving them a giant hug.

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