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One of the most unique aspects that Garena has incorporated into Free Fire is its characters. Over 40 have been added so far and each one has its own special abilities, except for the two default ones – Primis and Nulla.
Not all players can purchase characters with diamonds in Free Fire, so they search for the ones that cost gold, which is one of the currencies in the game. Here’s a list of the best ones that can be acquired.
Note: The following list represents the opinion of the writer. The choice of characters is subjective and may vary from player to player.
Ability: Hacker’s Eye
Cost: 6000 Gold
Moco is among the top characters with a passive ability in Garena Free Fire. Hacker’s Eye is the name of the skill, and it tags an enemy shot for 5 seconds and shares the location with the teammates.
Knowing the location of the enemy will enable gamers to make their next move carefully.
Ability: Gangster’s Spirit
Cost: 8000 Gold
Antonio takes the next spot on this list and possesses an incredible ability in the form of Gangster’s Spirit. If the player has this character equipped, they will receive 35 extra HP when the round starts.
This ability is specifically pretty beneficial for Clash Squad mode since users will have 235 health per round.
Ability: Hat Trick
Cost: 8000 Gold
Luqueta is another incredible choice for all those who wish to purchase characters using gold. The Hat Trick ability that this character boasts is pretty helpful in combinations if used appropriately.
It increases the maximum health by 25 up to 50 per kill. In essence, this means that when a user gets two kills, their HP will rise to 250.
Ability: Sustained Raids
Cost: 8000 Gold
Jota is undoubtedly the finest character in Garena Free Fire with a passive ability. Sustained Raids is a really outstanding skill that users are recommended to acquire.
As a result of this ability, when gamers hit adversaries with firearms, their health is restored. Furthermore, if they knock out a foe, they will regain 20% of their health.
Ability: Thrill of Battle
Cost: 6000 Gold
A124 takes the top spot on this list, and the character can act as a substitute for characters like K and Alok since it can provide the players with HP.
Essentially, the Thrill of Battle converts 60 EPs into HP within 4 seconds. There’s a 10-second cooldown on this ability. Users can pair characters like Miguel to enhance performance even further.

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