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Creativity and inventiveness go hand in hand, not only in art but in life in general. So, in this video compilation, we share with you some brilliant lifehacks that will change your life. We show you simple yet unique solutions to every problem and we share with you some amazing tips to make your life easier when you try them. Watch our whole video to discover some money safety tips for travelers and some brilliant kitchen tips and ideas for life-changing crafts.

Traveling with money can be very dangerous, and travelers are more vulnerable to thefts in general. So, in the first video clips, we share with you some money safety hacks that will always help you keep afloat.
– You can save your money in a bar of soap by drilling a hole in the middle and then placing your money inside. No, one will ever suspect that you keep your money inside a soap bar.
– You can also hide your money at the back of a hairbrush.
– If you have an empty lipstick container, you can put your money in a roll and place it inside.

We also have some money-saving crafts where you can make your own necessities without having to buy any.
– We show you how to turn a chopping board into a utensil holder using some used container tins.
– You can make your own jewelry storage containers by using some ice cube trays
– You can also use muffin baking trays to organize your makeup products.

Are you trying to protect your food from being spoiled in the fridge? Then we have the best hacks for you. Instead of storing a chopped avocado in the fridge on its own, add it in a container with an onion slice. The onion will help the avocado stay fresh longer.

– If you don’t have a rolling pin, you can use a glass bottle to prepare your pastry.
– You can also use an empty plastic bottle to separate an egg yolk from the egg white.

Watch our whole video to discover many more brilliant life hacks we have for you. We show you some needlework tips that will completely change your sewing techniques as well as some razor hacks and baby powder hacks.

0:09 – Places to hide your money
1:59 – Money saving tips
3:39 – How to keep vegetables fresh
4:33 – Cool cherry hack
5:09 – DIY pasta measurement
5:39 – Brilliant Sewing hacks
7:08 – Ironing hack
8:44 – Perfect eyeliner trick
9:17 – Amazing way to use dental floss
9:43 – Razor hacks
10:47 – Baby powder lifehacks

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