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Problems that all of us girls come across at least once

Hey girls, in this video, I am sharing with you some amazing solutions that will help you solve all of your problems.
– I share with you some amazing clothing hacks that will help you bring your clothes back to life.
– I show you how to sew your jeans and make them fit you like a glove using elastic clothing band.
– If your heels are too slippery, you can use rub them on a cheese grater to force some sort of texture on to the sole and make it anti-slippery.
– I also share with you some amazing period hacks that will help you get rid of stomach cramps and how to always be prepared for that time of the month.
– You can get rid of a painful headache using coconut milk, lavender oil, and mint oil.
– You can make your own hot water bottle using rice or salt.

0:07 – Ways to fix all-girls problems
1:49 – How to make your shoes anti-slippery
2:47 – Hacks for that time of the month
6:52 – When you are not a morning person
9:59 – Unlucky me
12:50 – When you try to open things
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