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Tips and tricks to enjoy your summer

Since we are in the middle of the sunniest period of the year, I wanted to show you some helpful tips and tricks that will solve all of your summer problems.
– If you are skin is getting too sticky during the summertime, you can fix that using some spray deodorant. Spray some deodorant on your legs and thighs and they will stop getting stuck everywhere you sit.
– If your skin gets extra oily during the summer then you can use coffee filters to fix your problems.
– To get rid of a painful sunburn, simply cut a few tomato slices and massage them on your skin for a few minutes.
– I show you how to make your own deodorant using baking soda, coconut oil and tea tree oil.
– I show you how to create your own facial mask using aloe vera juice and cucumbers to relieve dry skin.
– You can lighten your hair naturally, simply by applying some lemon juice on them.

0:07 – Handy hacks to enjoy your summer
3:32 – How to make your own deodorant
4:03 – Giant water balloon challenge
4:34 – DIY face mask
6:09 – Cool hiding places
7:51 – How to lighten your hair naturally
11:11 – How to resize your ring using hot glue
12:31 – Brilliant pool noodle hacks
15:48 – How to make your own swimsuit
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