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Genius ways to up your Social media game

Hey guys, are you looking to get more engagement with your posts on social media and post some awesome stories? Then in this video, I show you how. This way you’ll reach more people and maybe gain a few followers.
– I show you a simple trick to add rainbow letters to your stories using a simple trick present on IG storie features.
– I also show you a cool trick to create awesome collages using the Instagram photo editor.
– For those of you who haven’t mastered the hidden mention trick on Instagram stories, I show you a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it. You can add your mention as a text and then make it smaller and smaller until you can’t see it anymore.
– I also show you how to add a fun moving background on your pics using the diamond effect. You simply zoom in on the diamond and then you draw on it with your finger using a negative effect.
– I also show you how to change your highlight images to add some color to them.
– For those of you who are looking to create their own backgrounds for their Instagram, I show you the way to do it using letters and colorful backgrounds.
– To kick things up a notch, I show you some fun ways to make your own trick videos with illusory effects. For example – using a confusing perspective to make it look like you are stepping on a few cans of coke.

0:56 – How to make a collage using a png file
3:47 – How to hide details
4:01 – How to change and add your own cover for your Instagram highlights
6:00 – Sticker Letters
6:21 – Cool video trick that will make you famous
9:16 – How to make it look like you are flying
10:37 – Micro lens tricks
11:59 – Brilliant video trick using glitter
13:07 – Easy Tricks to make your videos go viral
14:19 – Teleporting illusion
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