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How to start a garden – Beginner tips

Hey guys, are you looking for some new ideas for your garden? In this video, I show you how to plant all sorts of trees and how to start your garden from scratch.
– To plant your own tomatoes, you need to follow these simple steps: Take a regular tomato and cut it in slices. Half fill your pot with soil, place your tomatoes inside and then fill it up with soil again.
– Now cucumbers are a bit more complicated. Slice the cucumber in different pieces and take all the seeds out. Transfer them in a glass filled with water and then and get all the seeds that had sunk at the bottoms (those are the good ones). Then wet some tissue paper and add one seed in each square. Fold them and place them in soil.
– I have a very simple method for you to plant some bell peppers. You simply take a bell pepper in half. Then you separate its seeds in each of the holes and then fill it up with soil, place it in your garden, water it and let it grow.
– You can grow an apple tree from its branch using cling film. You cut the brunch and slice a square out of its skin off. Then you place it in a ball of soil and cover it up with cling-film. After 3 weeks you unwrap it and re-plant it.

0:07 – How to plant tomatoes from seeds
0:48 – How to plant cucumbers from seed
1:38 – How to plant bell peppers
2:15 – How to propagate a lemon tree
5:25 – How to grow beans
5:51 – How to grow a pineapple tree
6:16 – How to grow strawberries
7:39 – How to grow an avocado tree
8:03 – How to grow a peach tree
10:39 – How to grow onions
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