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Tasty breakfast ideas you should try this weekend.

Hey girls, what is your favorite breakfast meal? Maybe scrambled eggs on toast and some bacon on the side? Fried eggs or could it be poached? Well, in this I show you some delicious egg hacks that will put you into the cooker’s mood.
– You can make spicy scrambled eggs by running them through a strainer filled with jalapeno peppers.
– I also show you how to make tiny omelet bites filled with bacon and ham that you can roll up and serve it to your friends and family.
– To separate your egg white from your egg yolks you can use an empty plastic bottle. When you squeeze it the egg yolk will be taken up and voila.
– You can make tasty avocado eggs by baking them in the oven. You simply add the egg yolk to the avocado seed pockets and add different ingredients to each one. Such as mozzarella, bell peppers or spices.
0:07 – Tasty recipes using eggs
2:29 – Tasty recipe using pumpkins
3:14 – Delicious egg hacks
6:00 – Eggs and avocado recipe
7:51 – Cool Egg containers for your fridge
9:28 – Egg noodles recipe
11:27 – Black olive eggs
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