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Cleaning hacks and DIYs!

If you are a clean freak then this video compilation was made for you. We have amazing hacks that will turn your cleaning time into something that you will always look forward during the week. We demonstrate a step by step tutorial on how to make your own cleaning wipes to how to make your own bathroom disinfectant.

Whether you just moved to a new place or you had a huge delivery and there are cardboard boxes all around your house. Don’t throw them away. In this video, we show you amazing an amazing way to re-use your old cardboard boxes and turn them into fully functioning cleaning basket that you can carry with your all around your house.

Are you looking for the ultimate homemade cleaner? Then, don’t look any further than this video. We show you an amazing cleaning recipe to help you create your very own all-natural household antibacterial wipes. Fill your container with a cup of lemon juice, then add a cup of water, a cup of vinegar, a few drops of alcohol and finally some washing up liquid. Then place a toilet roll in your container and seal it. The roll will absorb the liquid and you can start wiping with your new DIY cleaner.

You can make your own disinfectant spray by trying out this cleaning recipe. In a spray bottle container, add some water, then add some vinegar, and a few thyme cloves. Thyme and vinegar have naturally disinfecting properties that can kill 99.99% of the bacteria.

You can make an amazing room spray to get rid of bad smells. That includes the smell of cigarettes, bad smell in the bathroom and even the smell of mold. In order to create it follow this recipe. Add some vodka in a glass bottle just like we demonstrate in the video, then add up to 5 drops of your favorite essential oil and finally fill it with water. As an extra ingredient, you can add a few mint leaves to make the smell stronger and Voila. This way you can have your room smelling like roses, oranges, cinnamon, or even peppermint.

Grease is the enemy when it comes to cooking especially when you get spills on your cookware; that’s when it becomes a nightmare to remove. So in this video, we have an amazing hack on how to remove persistent grease stains from your stove filter. In a large pan, add some water and bring to boil. Then, add a whole cup of baking soda and stir the mixture. Finally, place your dirty stove filter in the boiling pan and see the results.

Watch our whole video to discover more amazing cleaning hacks that you’d want to try right away for example how to clean your carpets, with an amazing DIY carpet cleaner recipe. In addition, we have a DIY bathroom cleaner that removes the dirt from your bathroom tiles and many more.
0:07 – Show box hack
0:59 – DIY cleaning wipes
1:59 – DIY air-freshener
2:29 – Sanitizer hack
2:45 – Carpet cleaner trick
3:16 – How to remove oven grease
3:39 – How to remove carpet stains
4:08 – DIY bathroom tile cleaner
4:48 – Magnet organizing trick
5:03 – Makeup organizer
6:16 – Clothing iron tricks
7:18 – How to clean your jewelry
8:28 – Magnet cleaning hack

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