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Brilliant ideas and pranks for you and your friends

Hey guys, in this video I am showing you some hilarious situations most of us have been in as well as some ideas to prank your friends.
– I show you how to make it look like you just pierced your nails with needles using fake blood.
– For those of you who want to also scare your friends, I show you how to create realistic looking soil with worms using chocolate muffins and gelatin with milk and chocolate. So, when you see your friends, or relatives gardening to outside with this edible treat and scare them like a true prankster.
– You can attach mentos to some dental floss and then place it underneath the cap of diet coke. When someone asks you for a diet coca-cola give them the mentos bottle. Once they open it then mentos will fall into the bottle and it will create a hilarious explosion.
– When your lip-balm runs out, clean out the container and then fill it up with melted white chocolate. When your friend sees you, start eating that chocolate and they would truly assume that you are eating your own makeup.
– If you are looking to take it a step further, get some tempered glass, break it in pieces and attach it to your phone screen using hot glue. Then ass a screw in the middle and it will seem like you just broke your friend’s phone screen.

0:07 – Easy DIY pranks to trick your friends
2:07 – Chocolate lip-balm
3:05 – Fake braces
3:29 – Awesome money tricks
6:48 – DIY money dispenser
7:36 – Hand tricks anyone can do
9:50 – How to make money disappear
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