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The new 30millionkingdom Cookie Run Kingdom code is now out, and redeeming it unlocks some pretty great rewards. That’s great, or at least it would be, except for the fact that some people are having trouble redeeming it. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to show you how to redeem codes in Cookie Run Kingdom in general, as well as what might be the problem for this particular one.
To redeem the new 30millionkingdom code in Cookie Run Kingdom, the first step is to go to this link here. You’ll have to enter your Devplay account in the first text field. By that, I mean, you can use the email you’ve used to register to Cookie Run Kingdom, or you can follow the steps laid out in the bottom of the page to get the necessary info. Then, in the second text box, enter the code. The code is not caps-sensitive, but do remember that it’s all one word. Then, simply hit the huge “Claim Reward” button.
A few things to note here. First off, if you’re in the game when you redeem the code, you’re probably gonna have to close the game and come back in for the rewards to drop. Second, to collect your rewards, you have to go into your mailbox by clicking the letter icon in the top right. Lastly, it seems that the new 30millionkingdom Cookie Run Kingdom code seems to be having some trouble on the Hollyberry server. It works perfectly fine on the Pure Vanilla server. It appears that the glitch on Hollyberry has been fixed in the meantime, but still, be careful when entering it.
I say this because the new code grants you a whopping three thousand Crystals and three thousand Rainbow Cubes. That’s a lot; definitely something you don’t want to miss out on. Keep in mind that the code will be valid until December 31st at 23:59 (GMT+9), so there’s plenty of time to redeem it.
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