5 minute crafts

There’s just too many genius ideas you can make with simple stones and pebbles!
You can create amazing pebble mat to relax your feet, make adorable decoration for planters, you can even make crosses and noughts game and dominoes, plus you can add some nail polish to make it even better!
Let’s get creative! 🙂

1. DIY Pebble Jewelry Hangers

Display and organize your jewelry with a great deal of style with these closet or wall-mounted jewelry hangers. Actually, the rustic hangers are nothing but cute little pebbles adhered to the surface with the help of double sided tape. For added brightness, coat the pebbles with your choice of paints. Prefer going for pebbles that are light and flat on one side to make them stick to the surface with ease. Once done, hang your bracelets, chains and other accessories on the pretties.

2. Ladybugs Vs. Tadpoles Outdoor Tic Tac Toe Game

Is there anyone who doesn’t adore the classic game of tic-tac-toe? Build a 3-dimensional version of the game, making the outdoor playtime for your kiddos even more fun-filled. This DIY stone tic tac toe goes for a large basswood round wooden plank for the base, while tiny stones are painted to look exactly like cute tadpoles and ladybugs. Also, the base here is painted a bright blue with little dots working as the game slots. Apart from the paints and 10 smooth rocks, you will need some wax paper and paintbrushes.

3. Ladybug Painted Rocks

There’s no denial that ladybugs somehow manage to be the cutest-looking insects of all time – all thanks to their bright colors and adorable shape. And the great similarity between the shape of tiny pebbles and ladybugs allows you to turn a bunch of garden rocks into the pretty bugs that can add to the decor of your yard. Oh yes, you can get as experimental as you like when it comes to the color combinations for the ladybugs and they are only going to charm up the flower beds when lying at random spots around the plants.

4. Alpha Rocks

Make everyone you love feel a lot more special with tiny handwritten messages dedicated by you for each one of them. A few small stones and a Sharpie pen is all one needs to write down messages on them, ending up in a beautifully personalized present for one and all. The Write Start also shows how you can display these Alpha rocks – use them to adorn the fridge by attaching magnets behind the rocks, put them in a large glass vase, or simply keep them with you as reminders of love.

5. DIY Moon Rocks

How about shrinking the moon into miniature versions of itself that are so portable that you can carry them in your pockets or simply use as one-of-a-kind paperweights? The recipe to whip up these rocks calls for ingredients that yield a soft moist dough perfect to mold into the form of rocks. You need to gather some baking soda, water, black food coloring, and some gold and silver glitter. The reason that the rocks are made black and adorned with lustre is because we want to get the illusion of sun reflecting off the surface of the moon.

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