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Hot-weather situations we’ve all been in

Even though summer has just ended, it goes without saying that the hot weather doesn’t go away until mid-October, so the weather problems keep following us along. In this video, I show you some relatable situations that you’ve experienced.- When you put on a full face of makeup, and you sit in the sun for two minutes. This results in you transforming to the joker.
– When you go to contour you face with your concealer palette and you open it up in the summer and you come across a sight of melted shades.
– I also give you some ideas on how to solve your problems. For example, when your eyeliner gets smudged, you can fix it with some black eyeshadow.
– When you get a sunburn, a way to cool yourself down is ice cubes. Rub some ice on your wrists, elbow bend, and neck and you’ll feel the difference right away.
– To prevent your lipstick for getting smudged before you apply it layer your lips with some concealer.

0:07 – When hot weather gets to you
1:56 – The burning metal
2:44 – Solutions to all your problems
3:56 – Genius idea for your quilt cover
4:24 – How to eliminate razor burns
6:51 – How to make your own deodorant
9:07 – Get rid of oily skin
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