28 Strange Food Combos That Sound Gross But Taste Great


Ever heard of eating a banana with mayo? Nope, you shouldn’t squeeze a healthy portion of mayonnaise on a peeled banana and stuff it into your mouth. But if you sandwich a sliced banana between two pieces of bread and coat it with mayo, you might be in for a pleasant surprise!

And how about dipping pickles into peanut butter? Okay, if you aren’t too enthusiastic about it, just try combining these ingredients in a sandwich! In this case, the vinegary flavor of the pickles will dilute the stickiness of the peanut butter, and you might just get hooked! Right, these food combinations do sound pretty wild. But don’t knock them just yet! First, give them a try – and who knows, pizza with Nutella might become your favorite dish! Here are 29 bizarre food ideas you should give a go!

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Banana and Bacon 0:25
White Chocolate and Red Caviar 0:47
Chocolate and Avocado 1:04
Tomato and Peanut Butter 1:29
Popcorn and Milk 1:45
Nutella and French Fries 2:00
Pizza and Nutella 2:23
Banana and Mayo 2:40
Pickles and Ice Cream 3:01
Cheddar Cheese and Apple Pie 3:22
Olive Oil and Ice Cream 3:45
Chocolate and Chips 4:09
Burger and Jam 4:28
Burger and Peanut Butter 4:40
Strawberries and Balsamic 5:03
Peanut Butter and Pickles 5:20
Watermelon and Salt 5:39
Mango and Chilli Powder 5:56
Peanut Butter and Bacon 6:18
Ice Cream and Hot Sauce 6:40
Peanut Butter and Mayo 7:01
Peanut Butter and Sriracha 7:26
Green Apple and Salsa 7:47
French Fries and Honey 8:08
Watermelon and Feta 8:29
Pizza and Honey 8:54
Basil and Strawberry 9:16
Pickle Brine and Chicken 9:34

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– Salty, crispy bacon combined with sweet, carb-heavy banana makes a perfect mix.
– You can make a mouthwatering avocado and chocolate milkshake, where the buttery texture of the avocado will perfectly complement the flavor of chocolate.
– Some lovers of experiments replaced breakfast cereal with popcorn. Then they add milk and claim that this dish tastes no worse than its more widespread and popular alternative.
– People have invented countless variations of sweet pizza. But the one with Nutella is by far the most popular.
– Rumor has it that the idea of adding Cheddar cheese to apple pies appeared in England, and then spread (pardon the pun) all over the world.
– To get a mega-delicious salty-sweet combo, sprinkle some olive oil, along with a bit of sea salt, on top of vanilla ice cream.
– Unlike burgers with jam, which are more of a salty-sweet combination, burgers with peanut butter are more of a “salt with more salt” situation.
– The savory flavor of the vinegar makes the strawberries taste sweeter and complements their juicy nature.
– Those who have never tried this taste combination often think that salt rids watermelon of its sweetness. But the truth is quite the opposite.
– The smoothness of the peanut butter will contrast with the crispness of the bacon, making you crave the experience of combining these products again and again.
– The sweet aftertaste of sriracha will make the oily and sticky peanut butter taste more interesting. And the peanut butter, in turn, will reduce some of the sriracha’s spiciness.
– If you want to turn your French fries into something different and exciting, but you don’t want to use Nutella, ice cream, or a milkshake, honey will do the trick!
– No classic Greek salad can go without Feta. But this cheese can taste even better when you combine it with fruit; in particular, watermelon.
– Speaking of mixing strawberries with balsamic vinegar, strawberries and basil are just as good.

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