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Awesome cooking and kitchen hacks to try right now!

Not everyone enjoys cooking, but certainly, everyone enjoys a nice warm home cooked meal and we are here to help you. We created this amazing video compilations with clever life hacks you can use in the kitchen that will both save you time, and also turn your cooking time into the most fun time of your day. We demonstrate tasty easy recipes for beginners, cool lemon tricks and also some brilliant decoration tricks that will make your kitchen feel more cozy and sweet.

– If you are looking for a way to season your food with lemon but you don’t want to pick each seed while doing so, we demonstrate the best hack. You simply roll your lemon on your kitchen counter to soften it out and then you pierce the side of it using a toothpick. Finally, squeeze some on top of your food and voila. It’s as if you’ve just created a lemon juice bottle.

– Peeling potatoes can be a real pain and also time-consuming, so in order to save you time we came up with the best hack. Place all your potatoes into a boiling pan and bring to boil, then, take them out of the hot water and using a large spoon transfer them into a bowl filled with ice cubes and ice-cold water. Finally, pick them up with your hands and by applying a tiny bit of pressure on the skin remove it with your fingers. You will see that the skin slides right off.

– We also demonstrate another way to peel sweetcorn using a cookie cutter. You simply run your cookie cutter through your sweetcorn and voila. Watch our video to see this easy hack.

– Cooking butter can be a nightmare to cut, especially when it cold. So, if you are in a situation where you are trying to find the best way to soften the butter to put in your cake you can grate it. This way it will all get distributed everywhere and you don’t have to worry about any lumps in the mixture.

– If you are looking for a smooth knife to cut your veggies with and you can’t find one. Do not panic because you can use your pizza slicer.

– Not only is coke a very tasty drink, it is also an awesome kitchen cleaner. You can use to remove grease from your stove filter by placing your filter in a deep baking pan and then filling it up with coke. The carbon which is present in the coke and caffeine will help lift the grease from the filter. In addition to those, you can also use it in a cake mix recipe instead of sugar to bake a delicious coke cake. This one is perfect if you are new to cooking and you are looking for different ways to experiment in your recipes.

Watch our whole video to discover many more amazing cooking hacks and recipes.
0:07 – Lemon juice hack
0:37 – How to peel kiwi
1:08 – Sweetcorn trick
2:16 – Popcorn hack
3:13 – How to sharpen your knife
3:32 – DIY couch table
5:38 – Coka cola hacks for the kitchen
6:50 – Chicken sauce recipe
8:45 – How to keep your cookies soft
10:45 – DIY orange squash

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