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Do you like how your room looks like? If you think that it’s rather boring or you want to change the style, we prepared a video full of makeover tips and ideas. By the way, decorating a room could be expensive but we share DIY and budget-friendly ideas you should totally try. Watch this video and get inspired to create an amazing room.
Let’s start from important redecorating rules everybody should know. If you don’t know what colors to choose, remember the main rule: opposite colors play well together. Pick two main colors and a couple of neutral for the balance. For example, you can choose blue and yellow colors. Lightening plays a great role and you should properly choose it. Try to buy new lamps or replace lamps you already have. Add string lights to create a romantic atmosphere. You will be surprised how different your room may look of you change the artworks and paintings. Besides, it’s a cool way to upgrade boring walls. The easiest way to change the design of your room is to rearrange the furniture. Buy a new rug that you like and it is a cool way to refresh your room. The properly-sized rug will make your room look bigger. Also, you can change the position of a bed. For example, if you have a big room, you can create a cozy reading spot. You can buy new pillowcases and sheets, you will be shocked but it really works. Plants, plants, plants. It’s one more way to make your area look more interesting. You can choose various pots of different forms and shapes. Besides, you can even create few layers of plants: large potted plants, tiny pots with succulents on your desk and long draping plants. Your room will look gorgeous!

00:10 Cheap design ideas
00:30 Bedroom with bright colors
01:15 Eco-style interior
02:30 How to decorate a kid’s room
03:11 Decorate your boring dressing
03:42 DIY pillow lap desk

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