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Today we prepared a collection of photography lifehacks that will get you amazing results! Our photo hacks are cheap and there is no need to buy a fancy camera or any expensive tool. You will have a lot of fun with our DIY projects. If you are obsessed with Instagram and want thousand of likes you will totally love these creative ideas. You will find cool composition techniques to make amazing photos and increase the number of followers. You can make various special photography effects without buying expensive editing software. Be crafty and become an Instagram star easily!
Let’s start from the DIY lightbox that is so cheap to make! Learn how to build your own lightbox using a cardboard box, tissue paper, tape, and two lamps! It will take only 5 minutes! Take a paper cutter and cut out squares on three sides of the box – top, left, right. Next, take tissue paper and cut out the squares to fit the holes. Cover the holes and use sticky tape to secure tissue paper. Also, place the paper inside the box. Ready!
Check out how to take perfect shots with minimum efforts! Levitation photos are very popular nowadays and you can make them easily, watch our tutorial! If you are a long-haired girl, you can make a romantic photo with hair covered with flowers. Ask your friend to help you and you will have more followers for sure! Use a picture frame with glass and make romantic rainy photos. Simply stand behind the frame and ask your friend to splash water on the glass and take a perfect shot!
Moreover, you will find tips on how to look skinnier on photos and also how to add a curve. Find cool ideas for travel bloggers and make your photos really cool!

00:09 Cool photo prank
00:46 Splash photos
03:18 How to look skinny in photos
05:17 Funny group photo
10:17 Cheap DIY Lightbox

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