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Watch this video and find lifehacks that will ease your life! You will find a collection of brilliant lifehacks for parents that will help to solve small problems and even create very handy crafts without an effort.
Here brilliant tricks every parent will thankful for:
– Make an emergency diaper out of a plastic bag and a towel
– Learn how to quickly fix pool toys using an iron
– You can easily make quick ice-cream from yogurt
– If you want a temporary tattoo, use eyeliner. Make any picture using eyeliner and cover it with hair spray. Ready!
– Make an apron out of a plastic bag for your little artist
– Make a faucet extender for kids out of an empty shampoo bottle
– Keep kids from using too much liquid soap by tying a rubber band around the top
– You will learn how to make different kinds of outfits from old clothes
– Try to make baby leggings out of adult socks. cut the toe section off socks. Cut the sock along the sole part. Turn one sock inside out and sew two socks together. Ready!
– Transform adult jeans into kid’s jeans. Watch our step by step tutorial
– Upcycle an old t-shirt and make a beautiful dress or skirt for toddler
– This hack is highly important when you go out with your kids. Buy or make yourself a bracelet with your phone number on it
– We offer you a lot of cool ideas for fast games that will keep your child entertained at home

Check out more lifehacks that will ease your life! You will learn how to fix flip flops using a pop tab, how to hide money in empty sunscreen bottle, how to make cute summer tattoo and what to do with sunburn!

00:26 Emergency diaper
00:52 How to fix pool toys
01:52 Quick ice-cream
04:15 Cool outfits for kids
07:50 DIY jeans for kids

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