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We love lifehacks at they ease our life and let us spend more time on entertainment. This video is full of kitchen tips that will speed up your cooking routine. If you have cooking after watching this video you will change your mind.
Here is a list of awesome cooking ideas:
– If the butter is too cold and hard to cut, grate it instead
– You will find a list of tips on how to quickly cut garlic, spinach, bell papers, cucumbers, strawberries
– We share a surprising lifehack – cook popcorn using a flat iron
– Chicken breast is a perfect choice for healthy eaters as it’s full of protein. And there are a lot of ways to cook it. We share a perfect recipe of chicken burgers that are so easy to make. Shred chicken boneless breast with a mixer. Choose your favorite sauce and add to the chicken and stir.
– One more cool chicken recipe is chicken strips breaded with chips. Yummy!
– Everybody loves chicken wings. Follow our recipe of perfect wings: mix Cola, brown sugar, soy sauce, lemon juice, and chopped garlic. Bake in oven and enjoy!
You will find more household hacks in this video-surprising uses of sandpaper! We love the idea of repurposing common household items. If the new shoes have slippery soles, stick a piece of sandpaper to the slick surface. Use sandpaper to remove rough skin from your feet. Exfoliate your feet to remove the dry and cracked skin. Glue a square piece of sandpaper to the shampoo bottle. Sandpaper is a perfect item to trim cat nails and save the furniture at home. Use the scissors to make several cuts through some fine grain sandpaper and they will be sharp again!

00:09 Clever way to cut frozen butter
00:33 Cool way to share the cake
04:58 Cook popcorn using a flat iron
07:29 Use orange zest to clean coffee stains
08:04 Surprising uses for sandpaper
12:38 chicken strips breaded with chips

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