7-Second Riddles

This mind breaking compilation of optical illusions, text riddles and picture puzzles will melt your mind, eyes and even logic! Only those with brains like rocks will crack them all without any difficulties:

00:14 – Cool optical illusions – Fun picture puzzles.
Put on your glasses and try to see who is hiding here! Only those with perfect vision will crack these optical illusion puzzles with answers and will be to tell us who is hidden in the last illusion picture 🤓
02:24 – Text riddles with answers – Fun dirty mind test questions.
04:41 – Wait for the shocking test results! – Funny riddles for adults.
A shocking test to show once again that nothing is what it seems to be! When we’re quick to judge things on a first impression, we often get duped by it. These fun visual puzzles will test if you’re easy to deceive! So don’t rush to judge a book by its cover, you’d better turn all your imagination and try to guess what these pictures can be😉 Tell me how dirty-minded you turned to be!
06:50 – What’s wrong in these tricky photos – Cool riddles.
Awesome picture puzzles and cool riddles to make you smile and your brain work! These tricky photos will make you look twice and will play mind tricks as you will fail to spot that mistake in the photo, even though it’s quite big and is right there in front of you 🙂
09:38 – Dirty mind test – Picture puzzles.
12:16 – Quiz questions and What am I riddles to test your logic.

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS the answer to the first optical illusion riddle (02:00). How dirty is your mind? I failed every single dirty mind test 🙂

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