24 Easy Tricks Revealed And Cool Bets To Make Your Friends Say WOW

7-Second Riddles

Enjoy these easy magic tricks and cool bets that will make your friends say WOW!
01:46 – Try to crack this magic trick on your own before the answer is revealed! ?
02:41 – One of the most famous magic tricks out there are finally revealed and explained in a great animation!
04:23 – How is this possible? Pure magic or just a sleight of hand? ? Easy magic tricks for kids and adults (coin tricks, card tricks and so much more!)
09:41 – I bet you won’t get that nut out on your own, but try 🙂
10:52 – Can you win this bet? Awesome picture riddles to test your logic! ?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS how of these best magic tricks you cracked on your own! Zero from my side ? My mind just got blown away every single time! ?

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