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Whether you are a fashion enthusiast or a craft enthusiast this video was made for you. We love fashion, and sometimes we all need some advice or a helping hand when it comes to finding the perfect clothes, fixing our favorite clothes or even changing our wardrobe. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you some awesome hacks that relate to clothing and other crafts to give you some inspiration for the future.

– We show you an awesome way to fix your torn jeans without having to sew them back. You simply take another piece of jean fabric and you place it on top and you sew it all around, then you cut and tear the edges of the fabric, sub them together and voila.

– We also have an awesome way to turn a pair of plane boring jeans into a beautiful afternoon jean that you can wear when you go for coffee or dinner. You cut it from the middle, and then you pull the majority of the threads off. Then you tie them all together with a bow knot and there you have it.

– For those who were unfortunate enough to experience a tear in their jeans, we have the perfect sewing tutorial that will help you sew it back together in no time. And for those who love embroidement, we demonstrate a step by step tutorial to show how you can make your own heart shape, leaf and strawberry.

– If you are in a situation where your bra is showing and you didn’t notice, try out this little hack. Take a new pair of underwear that has lace and then attach it on the inside of the shirt just like we demonstrate in the video.

– If you ever sat on gum, you know how difficult and annoying it is to remove it, especially when you have to peel each piece. So, in this video, we show you an awesome way to remove gum in just a few seconds using an ice cube.

– Blow dryers are perfect to use in any hack you are working on, they can blow hot air and help something dry quicker, you can use it to inflate an airbed or they can act as a heat gun and help you melt various things.

Watch our whole video to discover many more awesome hacks that have to do with hangers, blow dryers and how to quickly fold clothes and iron.
1:28 – Awesome colorful jean thread
2:53 – How to sew anything
6:01 – How to remove gum from jeans
7:56 – Chapstick hacks
8:41 – Blowdryer hacks to try
11:04 – Clothing hanger hacks
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