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Time-saving tricks for your beauty routine

Have you ever been in a rush and you had no time to get ready in the morning or for your date? Trust me I know the feeling. That is why I’m showing you in this video on how to get ready in no time, while still going through all the steps.
– To get rid of dark undereye circles, place two metal tablespoons in your freezer for a few minutes. After that, place them under your eyes for 5 minutes and you are all set.
– If your foundation is two shades darker than your skin, don’t worry you can thin it out and lighten it at the same time using a moisturizer.
– You can make your own lipstick shade using different eyeshadow colors and some vaseline.
– If your body oil is not shiny enough for your skin, then you can tweak it around a bit. Simply add a few scoops of highlighting powder in your baby oil bottle and see the difference.
– And for those times you have smelly hair and you have no time to shower, try out this simple hacks. Spray some perfume on your hairbrush, and comb them through.
– To make your eyeshadow appear more opaque add a layer of white eyeliner pencil on your eyelids.

0:07 – Get ready with me
1:12 – How to make your own lipstick
3:12 – Amazing nail polish design
5:08 – The difference between BB cream/CC cream/DD cream
5:48 – Poor stripes vs peel-off mask
6:18 – How makeup removal products work
8:06 – How to contour your face
8:54 – DIY highlighter
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