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These thrilling puzzles and brain teasers will make you shiver? Are you brave enough to solve these blood-freezing crime puzzles and visual riddles? Turn your brain on and try to solve all these puzzles without thinking for too long! Some studies have shown that people who solve different riddles every day have a higher IQ score than others. So, if you want to improve your logical skills, start doing it too! 😉

00:14 – Who isn’t alive? Here is a portion of visual puzzles to test your logic and critical thinking!
01:34 – My goodness, what are they gonna do now?! The only thing to do would be to find the killer 😡 To do this, we need your help, our dear Detective! So put your hat on and rush to the crime scene ASAP. We need your cold mind and brilliant logic badly. Only you can save us before we create an international incident!
03:40 – The police found out that someone was going to make an assault upon the Mayor. They knew that the criminal would attack him at the stadium during an American football game. But what does he look like? Try to find the killer before the time is up!
04:34 – A fun picture puzzle for the smartest solvers! Will you be eaten by an undead you accidentally missed? I hope you won’t! Strain your eyes to spot all of them and good luck💀
06:14 – Hey, Detective, here is the most difficult crime riddle ever and we can’t do without your help! Search for the evidence and find the killer before someone else gets hurt. If you fail, who else could help us? But feel free to take a break if it’s too difficult for you. A crime riddle to exercise your brain!
08:23 – A set of short visual puzzles to boost your attentiveness! Try to find where is the body!
09:32 – Who is alive? A small portion of short visual puzzles that will boost your attention and test your logic 😉
10:42 – We need you, Sherlock, to avoid a public scandal; we have to solve this case as soon as possible. You will need to carefully question all the suspects and collect the pieces of evidence. The problem is that we’re short of time and we can’t draw much attention to this case. Can you save the reputation of the country before it’s too late? You will need all your brain power to solve this task and we believe in you! A crime riddle with an answer to challenge your mind and make you use all your talents🤓
11:54 – A tricky picture puzzle that will test your skills and show if you can be a vampire (zombie, ghost) hunter! You should be not only physically strong, but your mind should also be as sharp as a blade. Take the hardest brain teasers to boost your logic!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last visual puzzle!

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