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These 22 tricky questions and riddles will beat your brain out! I bet you will spend lots of time trying to solve all the brain games 🙂 If you can do it pretty fast, then, congratulations, you’re logical skills are impressive! Solving quizzes and puzzles is a great way to educate yourself. I can assure you that these riddles will improve your critical thinking and enlarge your general knowledge.

00:14 – A difficult crime riddle for the best detective out there! Find out what really happened and if it was a suicide or not!
01:16 – Can you spot all the ghosts? Boost your vision and attention and try to solve these visual puzzles before the time is up!
02:49 – A tricky logic riddle that will test your attentiveness to the details! Try to find the thief before you run out of time!
03:57 – A tricky logic brain teaser that will test your logic and make you do some hard thinking! Can you solve it before the time is up?
05:15 – A small set of short puzzles to test your logical skills and critical thinking! Try to find who is lying!
07:37 – Who’s going to die first? Find the most stupid one in these fun picture puzzles for kids and adults! What would you never do in your life?
08:44 – A set of picture riddles to test your intelligence and attentiveness to the details! Try to find what is missing there!
10:06 – These fun experiments will immediately blow your mind! How is this possible? Let’s see if you can crack these tricks 😉
12:33 – Who is more stupid? A portion of visual puzzles to test your logical skills and critical thinking!

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