22 Easy Drawings Perfect For Kids

5 minute crafts

All you need is the palm of your hand! It’s time to get creative because in today’s video, we’ll show you how to make some awesome art perfect for kids! Stay entertained and keep those hands busy for hours on end creating fun drawings that are super easy and perfect for all ages. You don’t have to be a drawing master to craft up these awesome creations that require minimal materials or crafting skills. From unicorn palm art to sharks and dogs, we have a variety of different ideas for you to try along with creative ways to draw fancy fonts.

0:06 – Ice Cream Drawing
1:08 – Bubblegum Stick Drawing
1:29 – Guitar Drawing
1:59 – Tea Pour Drawing
2:22 – Toothpaste Squeeze Drawing
2:47 – Twist Drawing
3:30 – Melt Drawing
4:16 – Splat Drawing
5:00 – Broken Drawing
5:37 – Float Drawing
6:20 – Balance Drawing
6:53 – Shark Palm Drawing
7:29 – Crocodile Palm Drawing
8:07 – Unicorn Palm Drawing
8:44 – Eagle Palm Drawing
9:38 – Duck Palm Drawing
10:07 – Dog Palm Drawing
10:44 – Fancy Elf Palm Drawing
11:29 – Rabbit Palm Drawing
12:14 – Peacock Palm Drawing
13:07 – Snail Palm Drawing
13:45 – Fat Cat Palm Drawing

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