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Check out these popular fun brain teasers that will make you say “Wow”! If your goal is to increase your IQ level and improve your intelligence then solving puzzles is the best way to achieve it 😉 These tricky riddles with answers will exercise your brain and give you a boost of energy.

00:14 – Who is more stupid? A portion of visual puzzles to test your logical skills and critical thinking!
01:45 – I’m always suspicious about any bets my friends offer because I know there is a trick I cannot crack. That’s why I’m always curious about why people accept bet ever. I never guess what the trick is about, but I still like trying to solve such riddles. If you manage to reveal how Jack won that bet, then you’re incredibly smart and ingenious, and your main strength is creative thinking. If you failed, then you’re used to rely on your logic which can be not so effective when you make a bet with a creative thinker.
03:03 – Where is the body? A portion of visual crime puzzles to test your vision and attentiveness to the smallest details!
04:06 – Train your brain with some tricky situations based on true stories. Which one is at greater risk here? Use your logic and analytical thinking skills to figure out who acts more foolishly among them🧐
05:16 – Detective, you’re a to find the criminal who killed the chef! Find some pieces of evidence to prove your thoughts!
06:09 – Who’s going to die first? Find the most stupid one in these fun picture puzzles for kids and adults! What would you never do in your life?
07:15 – Always be careful with bets and think twice before accepting them, even if (especially if) it’s your friend who offers a bet😁 Trust but verify, there you go! But if you want to play a trick on your friend, this riddle with an answer can give you a good idea. Actually, you don’t even need to know all the songs in the world, just some of them. You will be truly amazed by the simplicity of the solution, but I won’t say another word😈
08:42 – Sometimes everything goes wrong and your plans are ruined in the most unexpected way. You witnessed a crime and now want to know who did it. Listen to the statements of the suspects and use your logic to find the culprit. A hard detective riddle to trick even exclusive minds!
10:08 – A set of funny situations to test your logic and improve your IQ level! Both these people act foolish, but only a genius can say who’s in more danger. Challenge your brain and try to solve these cool picture puzzles with answers!
11:34 – A mysterious story about a girl who has run away from home. Why even young people do this…I don’t know and you? Anyway, you will have to solve this riddle and find the reason why she did it before anything bad happens. So what do you think?
13:28 – Who is more stupid? Boost your logic and leave your thoughts on this quiz in the comments below!

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