20 Weird Movie Theater Snacks From Around The World


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Many people believe that the movie theater experience just isn’t complete without an array of sweet and salty snacks. Whether you buy your popcorn at the theater or you sneak in a bunch of candy from home, we all love to eat junk food while watching the silver screen. But food preferences are different around the world, which means that movie theater snacks are different around the world. Have you ever wondered what moviegoers chow down on in Israel, India, and China? Their treats of choice are falafel-flavored Bissli, samosas, and dried salted plums, respectively. And while you might think that eating insects is gross, Colombians love to snack on roasted ants at the movies. As you can see, we all have very different ideas of what constitutes a snack. Check out 20 Movie Theater Snacks from Around the World for some snackspiration. But don’t worry, we promise not to judge if you’d rather stick to your usual bucket of popcorn.

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