7-Second Riddles

These mystery riddles and short teasers will help you keep your mind fresh and young:

00:14 – Tricky riddles.
A tricky riddle that will require all your attentiveness and common sense to crack it! It’s so easy to be tricked by this picture, but an attentive viewer will notice the mistake at once, and it has nothing to do with being an artist😜 If you crack this riddle on time, it means you’re a quick thinker and nothing can ever deceive you!
01:14 – Crime riddles in English.
This crime riddles in English is for the smartest and the most attentive ones only! The mission seems almost impossible, because the criminal ran away without a trace and no one even saw his (or her?!) face. But a true detective will surely notice one small detail that totally changes the whole story. Will you find it?
02:32 – Best riddles to test your attention and your brain’s reaction time.
04:39 – Picture puzzles – Short teasers.
A cool picture puzzle to test if you’re easy to play a trick on! When we come across some pictures on the Internet, it’s hard even to say if it’s real or photoshopped, isn’t it? Here are some puzzles with answers to test your eyes and general knowledge, because only a really smart person will get all of them right. Let’s start?
06:09 – Fun bets – Cool riddle.
This is one of the greatest bets I’ve ever seen in my life and I still can’t get if he is a cheater or a genius! This tricky riddle with answer will definitely make you scratch your brain looking for a a loophole in the rules. If you managed to crack this trick by yourself, then you must the as ingenious as the boy in this cool riddle! Do you use your super brainpower to cheat people?😜
07:20 – Logic puzzle.
This logic puzzle and mystery riddle is extremely difficult because the crime scheme was being elaborated carefully for a long time. You’re the only one to solve this case and make the murderer suffer the consequences!
08:52 – Funny riddle to kick start your brain.
A funny riddle and a short story you will never predict the final of! Only geniuses who see this world from a totally different point of view will be able to figure out what the answer will be (it’s only 3% of people and if you are among them, then let me shake your hand!). One small hint: don’t exclude even the craziest ideas and then you might guess! An impossibly hard riddle with answer to make you think outside the box and cheer you up after a long working day!
09:49 – Personality test.
A shocking personality test that will make you reflect upon who you really are and what you can do in an emergency situation. I believe you will be really surprised to know the result (of course if you were honest), though it can confuse you as well. So, you have to make the hardest choice ever: decide if you should kill a person to save several people, or let them die and keep your hands clean (yes, someone will die anyway). Don’t rush, the choice is really hard and you may need time to think over. What would you choose?
11:12 – Visual puzzles.
Oh, this one is really tricky and it will make you sweat and rack your brain all day long! A set of tough visual puzzles to make you turn your brain on 100%. Share your ideas in the comments, let’s find out the most stupid character ever!

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