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Are you one of those people who thinks it’s impossible to make something beautiful and useful with your own hands? Well, I’m gonna prove you wrong this time.

Let’s take this pretty Celtic knot bracelets to begin with. You simply need to take two medium-sized ropes of different bright colors, combine them in a special manner and your Celtic knot is ready! Now you just can adjust the ropes edges with cute metallic locks and your bracelets are ready to wear!

Now go grab a couple of your boring old T-shirts and pair of scissors, chop-chop! Let’s cut the T-shirt into same-length and width straps, tie these straps down in certain spots and here are amazing hanging plant pot holders for your favorite home plants and flowers!

Now let’s take two pairs of old tights and fill them with rubber foam or cotton wool, tie this all in a beautiful knot and there you have it, beautiful and comfortable pillow!

You can make the same knot-tie procedure with any other objects like ropes for instance!

You can also create stylish belt for your jeans. Just take some ropes, tie them in the right way and your new accessory is ready to use!

Check out these amazing crayon ideas to boost your creativity and imagination!This time I’ll show you some pretty awesome ways to recycle old broken crayons into something truly beautiful. You can make super cute colorful candles, paintings, animal-shaped or Lego-shaped chalks, wonderful pendants and cool prints for your T-shirts using parchment!

There’s just too many genius ideas you can make with simple stones and pebbles!
You can create amazing pebble mat to relax your feet, make adorable decoration for planters, you can even make crosses and noughts game and dominoes, plus you can add some nail polish to make it even better!
Let’s get creative! 🙂

Take several stones and put them in the gas stove on the baking sheet just like regular bakery. ‘Bake’ for 15 minutes. Then take the stones out ant start painting them with crayons. You’ll get an amazing print in the end. I used blue, white and rose colors.
Another great hack. Take some stones and nail polish. Open the nail polish and simply start pouring it on the stones. Let it dry. Then you can use it as a jar lid decoration like I did.

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