20 Things You Didn’t Know About RiceGum


RiceGum real name and age. Before he was famous! How much did you know about this famous YouTuber?

RiceGum is one of the hottest YouTubers around right now. Some people assume that hes only famous because of the "Its EveryNight Sis" video that he made with Alissa Violet to roast Jake Paul. But Rice was popular way before that diss track ever came out. He used to be a regular kid who made YouTube videos for fun, but now hes out in L.A. collaborating with the Clout Gang. Curious to know more about him? Check out our video about 20 Things You Didnt Know About RiceGum.

Since RiceGum mostly sits in his vlogs and looks tiny on camera, a lot of people dont know that RiceGum is actually 6"2 or 6"3 tall. Were not really sure which height is right because he has said both numbers before on Twitter. But can you believe that hes almost as tall as FaZe Banks is? And for the record, Banks is a whopping 6"5.

Did you know that Rice did a full semester of college before dropping out to pursue his YouTube career? He really tried to make college work but realized that hes making the world a better place in his own way. His moms not too happy with his decision not to get a degree, but youll have to keep watching to see what Rices backup plan is if ever his YouTube career fails.

From finding fame on Twitch to joining the FaZe Clan to using a ghostwriter, theres a lot that you dont know about RiceGum. Make sure to keep watching until the end to see which of Rices favorite celebrities used to live in the Clout House.

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