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Small things that give us joy

We don’t always get our dose of happiness on a daily basis. Some days are just so exhausting that there is nothing good about them. But there are little things that give us and some purpose.
– For example when you had a full-filling lunch and you unbutton your pants to let your stomach breath.
– What about the times, that you have a set of goals you need to achieve that day, and when the end of the day arrives, you get to cross everything off that list.
– When you are craving some Nutella chocolate and you dip your finger in the Nutella jar.
– Or when you return home after spending the whole day outside and you feel exhausted from the heat. So, the moment you set foot in your house, you sit in front of the air-conditioning.
– Stay tuned until the end to watch some cool satisfying clips. For example how I cut a plastic hair comb with an extra hot knife or squishing kinetic sand with my kitchen tools.

0:43 – Only Nutella lovers can relate to this
1:50 – What you feel like when you get home
2:56 – Things we’ve all experienced
5:08 – Oddly satisfying
6:05 – Carving sand – too satisfying
7:26 – Hot knife vs plastic
8:08 – Watercolor drops
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