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You totally should try food pranks we share today! Check out how to make white strawberries using bleach. Let’s prank your friends and make black ice-cream at home. The secret ingredient here is charcoal. Follow our tutorial: in a bowl, add heavy cream, sugar and activated charcoal to a large bowl. Beat the mixture and add dry rice. And mix again. It’s a perfect dessert to amaze your family and friends.
You will find more ideas that are truly awesome! The edible lip balm that is made from white chocolate and jelly worms that will shock your friends. To make edible worms you will need flexible straws, milk, cocoa powder, and gelatin. Mix together the ingredients and microwave. Fill up the glass with the straws, making sure the flexible part of the straw is closer to the bottom. Moreover, you can find a recipe of edible lip balm. Take a bowl and add any chocolate beeswax and cacao butter, stir and melt it in hot water, then pour into empty balm container and let it freeze. One more idea is to make Chupa-Chups aromatic balm. Put Chupa-Chups in a plastic bag, hit it with a hammer, then add some vaseline and microwave for 2 minutes.
We have one more selection of food secrets that will reveal the secrets of professional food photo sessions. Professional food photographers and marketing specialists work hard and have different tools and tricks on how to make a beautiful picture of a burger or sandwich. Watch the video till end and you will learn how to make perfect pictures of French fries, cakes, and ice-cream.

00:35 White strawberries
01:26 Jelly worms
03:20 Black ice-cream recipe
13:15 Food secrets

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