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HOW TO USE SPONGES (outside the kitchen)

I love kitchen sponges, they’re so multifunctional! This time I’ll demonstrate you numerous ways to use them to your benefit!
First of all you can use them in the kitchen. I’ll show you how to make super handy cleaning devices.

You wanna know how to make awesome cooler for a picnic food using plain sponges? I’ll tell you how. Just take 3-7 sponges, depending on the size of your bag and food products quantity. Soak these sponges in the cold water, put them in plastic bags. One plastic bag for one sponge accordingly. Freeze them for a couple of minutes.

Now all you need to do is to add some of these frozen sponges to your food bag, this way your yogurts, fruits, sandwiches and beverages whether it’s soda or juice will stay fresh longer!

You can glue half a plastic bottle for instance, fill it with soap and stick to the sponge.
Sponges are perfect for cleaning the blinds! You just need to stick them to tweezers and you’re ready to go!

You can also make stylish multicolored manicure with sponges.
And easily clean long bottles if you know how to use kitchen sponges right, if not I’ll gladly guide you through it! 🙂


0:20 How to remove floor scratches
1:21 Cleaning trick
3:25 Magnet sponges
4:17 Gradient manicure
6:00 Soap dish

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