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Watch this video to learn how to create an adorable miniature house. You can change shape, size, color, and decoration…anything! Make a miniature house of your dream to decorate your apartment for the holidays.
Moreover, you will find a lot of decorative items for miniature houses using popsicles. You will find an easy tutorial on how to make miniature sleigh, bench, bridge, and other items. If you love plants you can create super-cute handmade items that will decorate your mini gardens. We will show you how to use different items you have at home and transform them into small accessories for a miniature garden.
Another awesome material for crafting is polymer clay. The best thing is that it doesn’t cost so much and you can find it in any crafting shop. You can make Christmas ornaments, jewelry, bookmarks from polymer clay. My favorite gift idea is to make a customized flash drive and you can make a cute flash drive that looks like a donut. Find out an easy tutorial.
As a bonus, you will find easy tutorials on how to make and decorate gingerbread houses. Moreover, you can even make an ultimate gingerbread house challenge and it’s a cool way to spend time with your friends!

00:09 How to build a miniature house
04:10 DIY Miniature sleigh
04:51 Polymer clay croissant
11:18 Bracelet with charms
12:23 How to make a gingerbread house

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