7-Second Riddles

A set of tricky riddles and cool pictures that will break you head, test your vision and challenge your perception:

00:14 – Movie quiz – New emoji quiz – Emoji games.
02:23 – Tricky picture brain teasers.
These tricky brain teasers are the best way to start your brain exercises: easy, fun and tricky just a bit, so your brain will get the signal to get ready for the main brain workout!
04:47 – Picture puzzles – Quiz questions.
New picture puzzles to prepare you for 2018 FIFA World Cup! This is one of those visual puzzles with answers that will make you rack your brain hard! You have to be a very attentive person with perfect memory to guess a player by his tattoos (even if it’s your favorite player). If you get at least half of these quiz questions right, you have a better memory than 70% people in the world!
06:56 – Funny riddles to test your vision – Tricky riddles.
08:09 – Mind-blowing trivia.
Are you ready to see something that will totally blow your mind away? This amazing trivia will show you the most prominent natural and cultural objects you can see even from space! Before you press ‘play’, take a couple of minutes to predict which objects are so large that can be seen from so far away. Let me know if you guessed at least one of them!
10:25 – Logic puzzles – Picture riddles.
One of these best picture riddles out there which is also a logic puzzle! You’ll need your good vision and you logic to figure out what’s wrong in the picture! Normally, people manage to crack only the first picture in the set, but if you are a true genius, you’ll be able to spot What’s wrong in every picture riddle!
12:01 – Visual puzzle – Tricky riddles.
This fun visual puzzle proves that we live in a wonderful world where almost everything is possible! Don’t trust your eyes, trust your common sense and try to crack this amazing brain teaser.

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS how many of these tricky riddles and pictures you managed to crack on your own! Was it too difficult for you?

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