7-Second Riddles

To keep your brain fit and sharp start solving tricky riddles and answers on a daily basis! Puzzles like these are perfect for up-to-date minds 😉 Train your brain and increase your intelligence with fun brain teasers and quizzes! So if you are ready, push the ‘Play’ button! You can always pause the video if you need more time to think!

00:14 – Can you identify the criminal? This riddle will boost your analytical skills and boost your attentiveness to the details!
01:33 – Who’s in more danger than the others? Cool picture riddles to check your attentiveness and logical thinking. Get to know how to boost your IQ level!
02:39 – A fun set of tricky visual puzzles for kids and adults! What’s wrong here? Try to find all the mistakes before the time is up!
04:03 – A mysterious crime case that will stump even the most experienced detectives. Are you ready to stretch your brain and sweat hard? If you find difficulty in solving this one, just pause the video and take your time!
05:45 – A set of tricky situations you have to analyze. Who will die first? Share your answers to the last one in the comments!
07:12 – A crime riddle that will trick your mind and make you sweat! Seems the victim has left a rebus for someone who’s smart enough to crack it. Focus your mind and carefully study the clue; I’m sure you can crack the puzzle before time’s up!
08:54 – A thrilling crime riddle with answer for the most attentive detectives. Carefully study the suspects’ statements and figure out who’s lying. This person must be the killer otherwise why should he or she lie?
10:27 – Test your detective skills with this brain-boosting puzzle! Can you find the killer before the time is up?
11:36 – Who will die first? A set of tricky quiz questions to test your logic and intelligence.
12:42 – Who will die first? An easy visual puzzle to boost your logic and improve your imagination! Leave your answer in the comments 😉

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last puzzle!

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