7-Second Riddles

These brain-teasing riddles and visual puzzles will make your head spin! Try to solve at least half of them right to increase your intelligence and critical thinking. And, of course, you’re welcome to share your answers and thoughts on these brain games in the comments below 😉

00:14 – If you want to test your logical thinking and train your attention, try to solve this portion of visual puzzles and find what’s wrong before the time is up!
01:49 – A psycho kidnapped your friend. And you have to find a way to save your friend! Turn on your brain on and come up with the right answer before you run out of time!
03:16 – A fun picture puzzle for the smartest solvers! Will you be eaten by an undead you accidentally missed? I hope you won’t! Strain your eyes to spot all of them and good luck💀
04:55 – Can you spot the fake teacher? They may look very different, but one of them is definitely NOT a teacher. But who? Can you answer? A tricky picture puzzle for the best detectives!
07:03 – I’m pretty sure that this logic riddle will completely blow your mind! Try to give the right answer before the time is up!
08:59 – A set of visual puzzles that will turn on your brain power! These optical illusions will help you train your eyes and imagination 😉
10:59 – A new criminal case for all the Detectives out there! Can you solve it and find the killer? Test your logical skills and boost your critical thinking with this crime riddle!
12:49 – A tricky visual puzzle that will test your attentiveness to the details. Who do you think isn’t alive?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle completely blew your mind!

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