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Beautiful DIY jewelry you can try on your free time

Hey girls, are you looking for new ways to give your overall appearance a more elegant look? Don’t worry because I have to video for you. I’m showing you some cool DIY ideas to repurpose your old items into awesome jewelry.
– I show you an awesome way to use craft wire and clothing buttons and turn it into a cute decorative bicycle for your desk or a holder for your keys. For those of you book-worms who are in love with reading, I show you how to make your own bookmark using craft wire and make it resemble a duck.
– For those of you wanting to add some color to hair accessories, I show you how to rotate craft wire and then dip it in some nail polish. The color will stick between the wires and after it dries you can attach it to your hair accessories.
– If you like large jewelry that make your whole outfit pop. I show you how to use a large tablespoon and create your own necklace. You simply fill it up with some glitter epoxy resin, let it dry and finally attach a necklace chain on to it.
– I show you how to generate your own crystals to make jewelry using hot water, alum powder some dye.

0:07 – Amazing things you can create using craft wire
1:10 – Beautiful DIY love bracelet
2:59 – DIY earrings from scratch
4:13 – Turn a spoon into a magical necklace
4:49 – Turn corkscrews into beautiful earrings
5:19 – DIY crystals
5:39 – Turn sea-shells into beautiful earrings
6:25 – From zipper to chocker
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