18 Sea Monsters That Are More Terrifying Than Megalodon


The megalodon was one of the largest predators that’s ever lived on our planet. These sharks’ length could probably reach 60 to 80 ft. And their maximum weight was more than 50 tons. That’s the combined weight of 10 African elephants! The modern sperm whale grows as long as the megalodon was or even longer. But the prehistoric shark used to be heavier. The great white shark’s maximum length is just 20 feet. The largest specimens grow to be two and a half tons. Which means the megalodon was more than 20 times heavier and 3 times longer than the great white!

The Meg had terrifying serrated teeth – they’re still found all over the world in impressive quantities. The largest of them were three times longer than the great white shark’s teeth. And if you placed this tooth on your palm, it would cover it whole. Ancient people believed the megalodon’s teeth were huge serpents’ tongues. They even called these teeth “tongue stones.” It seems there can’t be an animal more terrifying than the ginormous shark. But you might be in for a surprise. Tons of incredible and really bizarre creatures live in the depths of the Mariana Trench! So, check out our new compilation of the strangest animals in the world!


Anglerfish 2:25
Barreleye fish 2:53
Frilled shark 3:11
Deep-sea hatchetfish 3:32
Goblin shark 3:54
Mariana snailfish 4:16
Dragonfish 4:38
Ping pong tree sponge 5:06
Zombie worms 5:38
Tiny jellyfish 5:56
Deep-sea cucumbers 6:20
Telescope octopus 6:43
Comb jelly 7:07
Tripod fish 7:33
Owl fish 7:58
Amphipods 8:10
Dumbo octopus 8:36
Giant amoebas 9:06

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The mouth of a frilled shark (Chlamydoselachus anguineus) at Shin-Enoshima Aquarium: By saname777, CC BY 2.0 ,
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