18 Most Dangerous Snakes on Earth


Very few people would call an encounter with a snake pleasant even if it’s just a harmless grass snake. But an encounter with a venomous snake can lead to health problems or even be fatal. Each region of the world has their own venomous species and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to learn more about them. What are the most dangerous snakes in the world? And what do the most venomous snakes look like?


Morelia viridis: By Micha L. Rieser,
CC BY 2.0 :
Thamnophis elegans terrestris: By Steve Jurvetson,
An eyelash pit viper (Bothriechis schlegelii): By Geoff Gallice/Flickr,
CC BY 2.5 :
Echis carinatus: By TimVickers, Saleem Hameed,
BY 4.0 :
Bungarus flaviceps: By touchthestove,
CC BY-SA 2.0 :
Asian vine snake (Ahaetulla prasina): By Rushen,
Black Mamba (Dendroaspis polylepis): By Bernard DUPONT,
King-Cobra: By Hari Prasad/Flickr,
CC BY-SA 2.5 :
Juvenile red spitting cobra, Naja pallida: By Dawson,
Emerald Tree Boa: By Derek Ramsey (Ram-Man),
Banded Krait Bungarus fasciatus: By AshLin,
CC BY-SA 3.0 :
Micrurus fulvius: By Norman.benton,
Adult Scarlet King Snake: By Glenn Bartolotti,
Black mamba: By Bill Love/Blue Chameleon Ventures,
The black interior of the mouth of a black mamba: By Tad Arensmeier/Flickr,
Thamnophis sirtalis tetrataenia: By Taka,
The San Francisco garter snake: By Patrick Ch. Apfeld,
Young corn snake: By Invertzoo,
Eastern diamondback: By Greg5030,
A young milk snake: By Ken O’Kelley,
Red milk snake (Lampropeltis triangulum syspila): By BillC,
Fierce Snake (Oxyuranus microlepidotus): By XLerate,
Olive colored Fierce Snake (Oxyuranus microlepidotus): By AllenMcC.,
Ophiophagus hannah: By Hectonichus,
Emerald Tree Boas NC: By Nate J E,
CC BY-SA 4.0 :
White morph: By Rushen,
Ahaetulla prasina: By Rushenb,
Saw-scaled Viper (Echis carinatus): By Shantanu Kuveskar,
Blue Malayan Coral Snake: By Seshadri.K.S,
A dead snake from Singapore: By Sundar,
Gravid female: By Glenn Bartolotti,
Corn Snake: By Roy Bateman,
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