7-Second Riddles

These logic puzzles with answers will challenge your analytical skills and will measure your IQ. Enjoy fun emoji games and picture puzzles as a nice break between hard riddles:

00:14 – Hard riddles with answer.
A short but hard riddles with answer that will require all your common sense at once and entirely. Don’t rush to give your answer, because there is a trick hidden in the terms. Only a person with a strong analytical mind will be able to crack this riddle the first time. If you failed like I did, you should probably take your time while making a decision, it’s OK, because all of us have different temperaments, just use your strengths.
01:17 – Tricky riddles to test your analytical skills.
If your friend trapped and fall victim to a malicious spell, wouldn’t you rack your brain hard to have him or her? Mary thinks the same way and now she’s trying to save Ann by solving the riddle. She has only one chance to do this and needs your help badly! You should turn on your brilliant logic and find the way out before poor Ann becomes a tree forever. A tricky riddle with answer for the smartest ones!
02:43 – Visual puzzle.
A cool visual puzzle everyone will easily crack (I think s0), because it’s about the iconic cartoon series the Simpsons! Not only true fans, but any attentive person will be able to guess the stars parodied in this series. I only failed to guess two of them, but this is becaise I’m not really good at politics? A fun puzzle with answers to chill your brain and cheer you up during a break!
04:39 –
I’m always suspicious about any bets my friends offer, because I know there is a trick I cannot crack. That’s way I’m always curious about why people accept bet ever. I never guess what the trick is about, but I still like trying to solve such tricky riddles. If you manage to reveal how Jack won that bet, then you’re incredibly smart and ingenious, and your main strength is creative thinking. If you failed, then you’re used to rely on your logic which can be not so effective when you make a bet with a creative thinker.
05:55 – Guess the word – Emoji games – Emoji quiz.
Easy riddles you have to be able to solve! This fun emoji quiz will give your a relaxed brain workout, forcing your brain to wake-up and start working! If you fail to answer these quiz questions, then you should start getting more brain exercises daily. ?
07:27 – Fun food test – Cool picture puzzles to test your general knowledge.
11:27 – Who is the kid’s father? – Fun personality test.
Just look at the picture, analyze they posture and find the right answer! The hints and clues are all there, but I can’t tell them right now as this picture riddle with answer is actually a personality test that will tell you a lot about yourself!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS how many of these logic puzzles you managed to crack on your own.

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