7-Second Riddles

Your brain will be grateful for this awesome workout with 18 IQ increasing games! If you love solving riddles then you’re welcome to try out these cool brain teasers. Some of them will be super easy and some of them will make you do some hard thinking 😉 Let’s see how fast can you solve these.

00:14 – A logic riddle that will rack your brain and blow your mind! Turn your logic on and pay attention to the details to solve this tricky puzzle!
01:17 – Test your math skills and attentiveness with these short visual puzzles! It’s a simple and fun way to wake up your brain 😉
03:05 – A mysterious case that will blow your mind away if you can’t think outside the box! Will you find the solution and help Bob find out who his girlfriend is? The answer is so simple that everyone fails to find it😵
04:52 – Test your eyes with this short riddle on crime! Only a high-class specialist will be able to find the boys before time’s up. Look closely at the parents and try to find a child who resembles both of them. Yes, this is not easy at all, so don’t worry if you fail the task (just like I did).
06:11 – These visual puzzles will rack your brain and make you do some hard thinking! Turn on your logic and try to answer who is the kid’s parent.
07:12 – Here is a portion of visual puzzles to test your vision and attentiveness to the details! Try to find what is wrong there!
08:32 – A logic riddle to test your IQ and attentiveness to the details. Let’s see if you can crack the code and find the right answer!
09:40 – Your child was kidnapped! The kidnapper agreed to return your child without a ransom if you recognize him among other kids! Who is your child? Test your logic and critical thinking with this visual puzzle!
10:48 – A tricky riddle on crime to test your logical skills and attentiveness to the details! Who is the killer? Try to find the one who’s guilty before the time is up!
12:14 – Who is the father? Test your attentiveness and logical skills with this short visual quiz 🙂

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle was the most difficult for you to solve?

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