18 Brainy Riddles To Stretch Your Brain

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Check out these 18 brainy riddles to stretch your brain at any age! These tricky puzzles will be a perfect workout for your brain and will sharpen your logic. Brain games will upgrade your critical thinking level and give you a boost of energy. I’m waiting for your comments on these riddles 😊

00:14 – I’m pretty sure that this logic riddle will completely blow your mind! Try to give the right answer before the time is up!
02:10 – A fun picture puzzle for the smartest solvers! Will you be eaten by an undead you accidentally missed? I hope you won’t! Strain your eyes to spot all of them and good luck💀
03:49 – This is a mind-twisting crime riddle only the best detective can investigate. You will have to think outside the box and use all your logic and imagination to cope with this task. If you feel it’s too difficult (and it IS), just sit back and wait for the answer😜
04:54 – A thrilling picture puzzle for the most attentive ghostbusters. I’m not sure if I would survive if I met any of them, but if your eyes are good enough to spot them, then you have a chance. Test your skills and boost your brain power with this tricky visual puzzle!
06:32 – This picture puzzle is probably way too scary so you can cover yourself with a blanket first😜 Focus your mind and concentrate on the picture; ghosts are really hard to spot. Would you become a good ghostbuster?👻
07:58 – A thrilling picture puzzle to test your logic and general knowledge base. If you can do this, you’re either an incredibly smart student or a professional!
09:06 – Who’s alive? Turn on your brain power and use your logic to solve this tricky brain teaser.
10:28 – Let’s check how well you remember the basic safety rules! No doubt both of them are acting foolish, but can you find out who has no chances to survive? It’s quite obvious, just use your logic and imagination😉
11:13 – A tricky picture puzzle that will test your skills and show if you can be a vampire (zombie, ghost) hunter! You should be not only physically strong, but your mind should also be as sharp as a blade. Take the hardest brain teasers to boost your logic!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last visual riddle!

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